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Are you tired of being single?

Do you ever doubt you'll find The One?

  • Do you feel like you're "The Repeater;" you keep picking the same type of guy and it never works out?

  • Have you ever ​thought about why you haven’t found love or why you haven't met "Your person" yet?

  • ​Are you ready to get unstuck, step into your power and shed the residue of your past?

  • ​Do you feel as if you’ll never find love again because you've missed your chance​?

It’s okay to feel like luck isn't on your side when it comes to your love life.

I was once like you. I didn’t meet my husband until I was thirty-four.

The desire of seeking true love in this day and age is very real to me, not only because I've done the searching myself, but also because I’ve worked with clients – singles and couples – who have struggled finding the kind of love they want in their lives.


I am a licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach with over 20 years of experience. I share tips and advice on various media outlets such as On Air with Ryan Seacrest, ABC, CBS, NBC, and KTLA news, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, Newsweek and Thrive Global. I am committed to empowering you in realizing that it's your birthright to have love in your life - not just any love - the RIGHT love for you.

The kind of love that makes you feel alive.

The kind of love that is in tune with your soul and your most authentic self.

The kind of love that you deserve.

You may feel like finding your person isn’t for this lifetime of yours because you don’t feel like you’re worthy of that.

You may have told yourself that you’re ready for love but the reality is, you’ve already built walls around you to keep you safe…and far from The One.

You may have done everything for love, including changing who you are (not recommended), but you still ended up single and unhappy.

Or maybe you’re already in a relationship (or a "situationship") but you feel like you’re in the wrong place.

No matter what chapter you are in, in your love story, I want you to believe that it is possible to find the person that makes you feel at home.

The truth is, you are more than worthy of love.

Embracing the truth attracts the kind of love you deserve.

You can only do this by unconditionally loving who you truly are.

Dive deep into purposely transforming your life by connecting with yourself so you can attract the man meant for you with



MAN*ifesting will take you on a journey from single to soulmate, teaching you how to trust your intuition, show up authentically, and discover the missing piece between you and the love you deserve.

“MAN*ifesting is filled with inspiration, authenticity, and empowerment, instilling the belief that you will find your ‘person.’ Jaime Bronstein is beyond insightful, and MAN*ifesting is a must-read!”

-- Jen Gottlieb, International Speaker and Co-Founder of Super Connector Media

“MAN*ifesting provides an incredible set of tools and exercises to elevate each reader’s mindset in their journey to finding love.”

-- Ashley Stahl, Forbes Columnist and Host of You Turn Podcast

MAN*ifesting reveals the secret; the missing piece to manifesting the love you deserve—not just any man, but the right man for you.

  • Discover the fear-based Dating Personas that have held you back — and how to release them. Have you been The Chameleon? The Repeater? The Faultfinder? A combination? These are just a few ways you could be blocking yourself from love.

  • Connect with and strengthen your intuition, your inner compass, finally trusting yourself so you can start living a life free of regret and bad decisions.

  • Uncover your inner resources to shift your lens of perception, dissolve misbeliefs about yourself and reclaim your authentic self; the self you were born as before life and challenging relationships got in the way.

What if you could...

  • be comfortable with yourself, truly loving yourself unconditionally and stripping away the negative narratives that hold you back from meeting The One?

  • be at peace, trusting that everything happens for a reason and that it will ALL make sense in time

  • fully surrender to love and believe with all your heart that your person is out there - meeting him is only a matter of time?

  • finally stop hiding and stop playing small, with that magnetic energy pursuing your birthright to love and be loved?

  • heal and let go of the past and your old personas as you step into the light and MAN*ifest the love of your life?

“MAN*ifesting is packed with profound and insightful teachings for anyone looking for love but having trouble finding it.”

-- Stacy Igel, Global Clothing Brand Founder/CCO of BOY MEETS GIRL® and Author of Embracing the Calm in the Chaos (Harper Collins)py customer

“MAN*ifesting offers Jaime Bronstein’s hard-won wisdom, along with step-by-step guidance that will be the catalyst to create the love life of your dreams.”

-- Arielle Ford, Author of The Soulmate Secret

Inside MAN*ifesting, you’ll find:

  • ​Personal stories and stories of the women I’ve worked with so that you have a reliable and relatable guide on the journey to self-love and the love of your person.

  • Affirmations that help move you forward on the journey and away from the past and negative narratives.

  • Exercises at the end of each chapter so you can integrate your learnings into your life.

  • Relationship Cheatsheets, like the First Date Cheatsheet and How to know if you have found your person?

MAN*ifesting isn’t just your average dating book...

  • MAN*ifesting is experiential. To experience positive changes in your life, you are expected to take action and apply what you’ve read. This book equips you with everything you need to MAN*ifest through affirmations and exercises.

  • MAN*ifesting is not just a band aid or a quick fix to get you just any guy. You’re about to learn about what’s stopping you to manifest your person so you can combat it head on through healing and inner work.

  • MAN*ifesting teaches you how to connect with your intuition which truly is the greatest gift one can give themselves and is crucial in manifesting love.

  • ​MAN*ifesting shifts your perspective in life and in love. By knowing that life happens FOR us and not TO us and by trusting that whatever has happened in the past is never a life sentence, you can live the rest of life thriving and moving past victimhood.

"You have a choice, and you can manifest and create the love you deserve versus settling and not being an active participant in your life. You have the power to cultivate your ideal relationship; there's no reason why you can't have what you desire and deserve."

-- Jaime Bronstein

“As someone who already has a very strong intuition, Jaime taught me to pay attention and TRUST YOUR GUT!!!! You’ll thank yourself later, promise”

-- Kenley Stevenson, Journalist, HGTV Magazine

“This is the last relationship book you’ll ever need. The teachings in MAN*ifesting are profound and life-changing!”

-- Taylor Knight, Emmy Award–Winning Journalist

Are you ready to trust, surrender, &

MAN*ifest your person?

Order a copy MAN*ifesting: A Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting the Love That’s Meant For You NOW!

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You can buy the book online through Amazon, Simon and Schuster, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, Books-a-Million, and

Can we buy it if we live outside the US?

Absolutely! While we couldn’t check the shipping and custom regulations in every country, you may check the links above and take it from there. Kindly note that shipping and taxes are shouldered by the buyer.

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